What is our Brand Proposition?

What is our Brand Proposition?


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Short answer; Branding + Strategy × Experience. But what does that mean and how does it drive our thinking?

Our brand proposition has a clear connection to our name. This is our formula for success (apologies—we honestly couldn’t resist).

Our proposition contains both our offer and our USP. We specialise in strategic branding and our past experience differentiates us from many other agencies. What experience, you ask? Well hopefully you stumbled across that lovely long list of logos (lovely alliteration) on our homepage—that briefly eludes to who we have worked with. In terms of the ‘what’, it’s been a mixture of pure branding, campaign creative, print design, web design, film & animation… we really could go on. The main unifying factor though is always brand.

Half and Half Image
Half and Half Image

Everything we do is to solidify/redefine/elevate our client’s brand identity.

This drives everything we do. Even if a brief is for some campaign work, potentially about a periphery service/benefit, we see it as an opportunity to strengthen the core brand, not conflict with it.  It’s our belief that brands are like seeds in soil; organic, eager to grow, and respond to outside influence. Not carved in stone; solid, yet immovable and unresponsive. Balancing consistency with flexibility is the best way to ensure a brand has longevity. One without the other and it becomes susceptible to becoming too stale or too disparate. Attaining the perfect equilibrium comes with compelling strategy and an experienced hand at guiding the visual design and brand story.

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