Made by Formula ≠ Formulaic

Made by Formula ≠ Formulaic


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Made by Formula (M×F) is something that sounds standard and formulaic—this is an assumption that we wish to wholeheartedly dispel. Let us explain why…

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Our name is derived from that ‘magical alchemy’ of combining elements in order to create something new; the mathematic process to present a desired outcome; a formula.

You may have noticed our simple proposition; branding + strategy × experience. This formula crudely (but effectively) sums up our capabilities and strengths. Speaking explicitly, we are a strategic branding agency that is strengthened (and validated) by our experience. Again, you may have stumbled across some of our previous clients on our homepage; they are a fairly varied shortlist as we fully embrace variety. We feel it gives us a rounded perspective on design challenges and—speaking honestly—it keeps us inquisitive. Approaching businesses with fresh perspective and enthusiasm can result in brilliant outcomes. This is how we aim to approach every brief.

“Actually I want someone who knows my sector inside out”

Completely understandable, which is why there are so many niche agencies out there. They’ll receive a dozen briefs like yours every week and will be able to get to a desired solution with ease. Sounds great, except there’s a real chance that these are exactly the formulaic design houses our title warns of. We like to think we have varied sector experience but a real specialism in strategic branding. However if you recognise a previous client within your sector, we’re sure that’s no bad thing.

“So if we follow the same process, we’ll end up with the same answer, right?!”

Remember Dr Malcolm’s chaos theory lesson in Jurassic Park? The nuances that each brief provides, the change in trends, consumer attitudes/behaviours, technology, the overwhelming desire to go beyond and raise the bar—all tiny butterfly flaps that result in drastically different outcomes.

Everything we do starts with a blank page. We challenge our accumulated knowledge and experience rather than relying on it. We stay inquisitive and this approach has helped to shape brands small and stellar. Each brief is an opportunity to create something truly new; our best work to date and something that gives us (and most importantly, your audience) that reaction of surprise and delight. This is the reason why, despite our name and our rigorous processes, nothing about our solutions are formulaic.

If you’d like to see for yourself, simply scroll down and tell us all about it.

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