QBell is a beautiful blend of hi-tech application mixed with lo-fi print. Combined, they will upgrade the world’s front doors.

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2020 is a year that has changed so much about the world, including how we receive deliveries.

QBell is a great way for logistics companies to be COVID safe whilst delivering real benefits to homes. No longer will we miss an important parcel and have to take that trip to the depot. Instead, QBell is a communications tool that links delivery drivers directly to your device.

No matter where you are, you can relay instructions in real time. In the garden? You’ll be there in sec. Caught in traffic? Just leave it by the door.

For logistics complies, it offers an additional level of tracking to ensure better performance and service. All of this with the clever use of a QR code (and a pretty clever app).

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We were approached by QBell to build a visual identity that can cross both the digital and physical worlds.

As with many of our identities, there is so much thought behind the mark, but the clearest inspiration is that of a QR code itself. This is the lo-fi solution that allows mass roll-out and can upgrade houses to smart homes at the cost of a sticker.

We have also developed a pattern-style based on the square QR code grid. Here, the angles slowly emerge from the background and create asymmetrical yet rhythmic details. These touches help to connect the visual identity across the marketing.


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Colour is extremely important with every brand and QBell is no different.

We wanted something bold, disruptive and modern to reflect the brand values, but a palette that was balanced and not too divisive. This is a solution foe every home and as such it needed to feel inclusive. We also wanted something that could easily transfer between digital and print applications without the need for specialist inks or awkward accessibility issues. The palette provides a strong degree of consistency—ideal for a start-up—but the use of gradients ensures that they blend together beautifully.

The app is currently being developed by Pixel Beard and due for release soon. To find out more, visit the Qbell website.

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