Kinrise are property developers that specialise in renovation and restoration, but more than that, they create spaces that drive social change and encourage community collaboration.

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We’ve worked with Kinrise on a number of projects as they continue to lead the way in socially and environmentally responsible developments.

The Kinrise Journal is a physical newsletter that helps to keep all Kinrise tenants up-to-date with all the developments across the group’s various sites. It is also used as a softer introduction to prospective tenants and partners.

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We created a range of large-format graphics including hoardings, exterior signage and window graphics (as shown above).

Currently we’re developing a holistic wayfinding system for another Kinrise development, including a full icon-set.

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We’ve also created a number of smaller campaign pieces such as this invitation to the newly created Podcast studio in their Leeds co-working space at 34 Boar Lane.

Podcasts act as a metaphorical platform for creatives and commentators—creating a dedicated space for this is another example of how Kinrise enable communities and creativity. The 3D logo echoes this sentiment, showing it rise up as a literal platform.

Find out more about Kinrise.

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