Made by Formula is a strategic branding agency based in Manchester, UK. Although situated ‘up North’ (depending on where you hang your hat) we work with clients across the country to create brands that capture their audience’s imagination.

Core services

Our core services


We specialise in branding—not confined to a particular niche other than building brands with resonance. Brands that capture audiences’ imagination and deliver on our clients’ aims and aspirations.

Brand Strategy

The key component to our branding process. Developing a unique strategy for our brands gives us the foundations on which to create brands that are poised for success. Brand strategy provides insight for branding and purpose for businesses as they move forwards.

Print design

Even with the visual and cognitive stimulation of interactive digital design, there will always be a special place for tangible, tactile, print design. Print is becoming slightly less common, which is why we always treat it with respect (and excitement).

Web + Digital design

We design and build websites following robust processes and meticulous planning to ensure that we create digital experiences that focus on UX and client metrics. Web is the key focus for many brands and we always aim to showcase it through interactive and engaging design.

App design + development

We collaborate with app developers of native iOS and Android platforms, taking brands from a standard web platform into 360° custom digital experiences.

Campaign creation

Announcing a new brand, change in strategy or continuing to stay relevant to audiences is crucial for all businesses. The best solutions are always from creating a clear marketing plan that unites great creative across multiple channels. We can help with all of this.

Film + Animation

Brands are no longer static. They move, interact and engage with viewers through motion design and film. We always design to this notion and collaborate with filmmakers, motion and 3D designers to bring it to life.

Creative copywriting

Although we don’t personally profess to be specialist copywriters in a variety of fields, we do work with them regularly. In-house, we focus on creative copywriting to articulate brand personality and develop campaigns.

Social marketing

Social marketing is an incredibly effective way of targeting specific audiences and putting your brand in-front of the right people. We not only design for this medium, but collaborate with specialists to ensure it is executed to maximise any investment.

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Values that translate into successful design

Design with purpose

We love beautiful design, but we’re head-over-heels for creative with purpose. When we unite these approaches, the result is truly compelling. It has the ability to shape businesses, giving them direction and a unique place in audiences’ hearts and minds.


We believe in being open and honest. No false promises. No hidden costs. But more importantly, we'll always give you our honest opinion—even if it may not be what you want to hear, it might just be what you need to hear. This approach really helps with building relationships between ourselves and our clients.


It's a value we thoroughly believe in—we embrace being small and nimble because it allows us to work with talent that is 100% right for a project, rather than attempting to push a house-style that might not fit your brief.

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